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The Rose Quartz Pyramid is all gentle joy and blushing hues. With a strong grounding foundation and four sides leading to the apex of light, the sacred pyramid is all about channeling energy to higher living all while keeping strong in your foundations. Rose Quartz is the perfect healing crystal for this task. It’s instant connection with the heart chakra and its spiritual vibration of seven, this stone is known for reducing stress and providing comfort and care to all those who wear it. 


For those wondering if Rose Quartz can be used for protection, this is a stone that goes one step further. Rather than throw up a cloak around you it uses its focus energy to bring down walls and barriers that may be blocking you from all that you deserve. Rose Quartz thrums with your soul to put you in a place where you can attract love and reduce the impact of negative energy on your heart so that you don’t have to be afraid of opening up and being bold with your love. 


Whether sitting in meditation or bringing the warmth of unconditional compassion to your space, having the Rose Quartz Pyramid in your life keeps you working towards unbreakable bonds, walking in alignment, and learning the most important skill of all – the ability to love oneself.

Rose Quartz Pyramid

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