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Let the goddesses, gods and guardians walk alongside as you create a life of self-healing, spiritual connection and enlightened purpose.


Each of the beautifully illustrated 44 cards depicts a divine teacher who is here to share their ancient wisdom and guidance with you.

You’ll learn about each sacred figure’s origins, how to intuitively interpret their messages and connect with their healing energies.

Hillary Wilson’s stunning artwork brings Sophie’s visions of these deities to life, so you can give powerful and accurate readings.


Working with these vibrant and soulful cards brings inspiration from a diverse range of powerful global deities, and will help you to:

  • Gain both spiritual and practical guidance for navigating your soul path
  • Awaken intuitive power, receive deep healing and tune into your divine purpose
  • Work actively with each guide’s energy to bring the sacred into everyday life


Connect with the divine feminine, masculine and magical energies of this sacred oracle to receive guidance for inner healing and spiritual growth.

Goddesses, Gods, & Guardian Oracle Cards

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